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We help organizations Establish, Maintain & Transform their Digital Footprint.

Digital transformation is not just about disruption or introduction of new technologies in existing business processes. It’s about value, people, enhancement and the ability to quickly adapt when need arises by making intelligent use of technologies and data at hand.


Embrace change, disruption, innovation and thrive. We don’t just do it, we Exaze IT.

Exaze was formed with the vision to offer best in class digital solutions and technology services to organizations, big or small. To achieve this, we created a specialized team with deep understanding of business domains and digital technologies in order to assist organizations in accelerating their “Digital Transformation” by leveraging the power of Analytics & AI.

Our Distinctive Offerings

Digital Acceleration

  • UX & Intuitive Apps
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Intelligent Process Automation

Application Management

  • Development & Integration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • DevOps

Data & Analytics

  • Advanced Analytical Solutions
  • Big Data Implementation
  • Point Solutions

Testing & Assurance

  • Testing Strategy & Consulting
  • Industrialized
  • Specialized

Elevating Brands through innovation in Digital Transformation.

Application Management Services

Exaze Application Management Services helps organizations effectively manage their application portfolio through customizable solutions with flexible operating models (Managed Services, BOT, Professional Services).

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Data & Analytics Services

Exaze Data & Analytics services helps organisations to gain insights into their data (both structured and unstructured) to make quick business decisions. Our data services include Consulting, Cloud, Analytics, Big Data Integration, Data Management (governance, certification, assurance etc), Application maintenance and Program Management

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Intelligent Process Automation

Exaze Intelligent Process Automation enables businesses to accomplish more with technology through an ever-evolving balance of human and bot collaboration. We aspire to take our clients on the journey to challenge legacy processes, drive innovation and unlock value.

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Self-Service Customer Experience Solution

Our solution is designed and built to deliver enhanced and enriched personalised customer experience using Intelligent Virtual Assistants (chat bots) for both internal and external use in multiple languages using AI NLP (natural language processing).

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Ecommerce Solutions

Armed with deep understanding of consumer behaviour, we assist our retail customers with their omni channel implementation right from strategy, planning, development, integration, adoption and continuous support. We use our proprietary and custom solutions built on top of best in class e-commerce product suites to get our customers their first online sale in best possible timelines.

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Infrastructure & Service Management

Owing to our rich experience of managing end to end Infrastructure & Services, we bring to our customers a unique mix of solutions allowing them to plan, manage and improve service efficiencies. We have partnered with industry segment leading service providers to assist our customers hand pick solutions as per their needs.

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Why Exaze

Driven by our passion to deliver amazing experiences, here are a few things that help us stand tall in the crowd –

  • Smart & Adequate mix of Solutions, Services & Technologies to help Accelerate Digital Transformation Journey
  • We think Customer Experience first
  • Our Solutions & Services can help create a self-sustained model for preparing the Workforce of the Future.
  • We are passionate about our Customers and their Growth.
  • We are small enough to care and smart enough to Innovate & Deliver.

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